Climate Change Update 4th May 2024

This week the Australian Security Leaders Climate Group (ASLCG) issued an important report Too Hot to Handle – The scorching reality of Australia’s climate–security failureIt was highly critical of the federal government for failing to come to grips with climate change as a security issue. We issued a media release in support (attached). 

The weekly wrap from the Climate Media Centre failed to reach me this week but there is plenty of news from elsewhere.

Last Sunday, the Grattan Institute issued a report that says Australia must urgently plan a new energy system for the imminent post-coal era. Keeping the lights on: How Australia should navigate the era of coal closures and prepare for what comes next finds that coal will cease to be a material contributor to the National Electricity Market (the NEM) by about 2032.

On Monday, the Superpower Institute released their Premiere report, using first of a kind expert modelling combined with high resolution satellite observations to show that Australia’s coal mine methane emissions are likely more than DOUBLE what is officially reported. You can read the report here. Read an article about it here.

Also on Monday, Professor Andrew Blakers (top authority on renewable energy) wrote an article in the Conversation to counter the argument of the Nationals that renewables will take up too much pace. The title is self-explanatory: No threat to farm land: just 1,200 square kilometres can fulfil Australia’s solar and wind energy needs. And today there was an article from him in ReNew Economy that solar is now being installed faster than any technology in history. Read it here.

For those of you worried about the mental health impacts of climate activism, there was a recent webinar. You can access the video recording of the event here, and the slideshow presentation here. You can also find a short summary of the research findings here

On Tuesday, there was good news from the Independent from the  G7 talks in Italy. The group, which represents the world’s largest economies, has agreed to phase-out coal fired power plants by 2035. The “historic” decision is a move that could pave the way for other economies to follow suit. 

Just in case you are not aware of how dire the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef is, and how scientists are calling it the “year from hell”, read this article from The Guardian.

Here are some webinars you may be interested in: 

Finally, a request from the Climate Council to email your MP to support the new laws relating to the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards. ‘For months, dinosaurs in the car industry have used an array of dirty tactics to try to undermine support for this law so they can keep profiting from selling the same old dirty cars. We can’t let that happen. Email your MP today to tell them that you, and the majority of Australians, support these standards and want them to say ‘yes’ in the upcoming vote.’ All the best, Jenny Jenny Goldieon behalf of Climate Action Monaro