Climate Change Update 2nd June 2024

Visitors are coming in steady numbers to look at our art exhibition Imagine a clean energy future. On Tuesday our workshops started with an information session on EVs. This coming Tuesday (June4th) at 12.30pm at the Raglan Gallery there is a free vegetarian lunch provided by the Cooma Multicultural Group – please come if you can!

Also attached is my monthly column/letter to the Monaro Post, reporting on what Professor Andrew Blakers said at the launch of the exhibition on 18 May. 

As you know, the coal-fired Eraring power station will be kept going for another two years at a possible cost to the taxpayer of $450 million. It is particularly infuriating because the NSW government has dragged its heels on approving renewable energy projects, particularly wind farms. Had they facilitated the process, rather than impeded it, it may not have been necessary to keep Eraring open. We issued a media release (attached.)

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Climate Change Update 26th May 2024

Our art exhibition got an excellent write-up in the Monaro Post on Wednesday and Peter New had a wonderful letter confirming its success (see three items attached). If you haven’t already, please come and see the exhibition (Imagine a Clean Energy Future) at the Raglan, 9-11 Lambie St, Cooma, any day from Wed to Sun, 10.30am to 3.30pm, through to 30 June. 

We have also organised weekly workshops, starting this Tuesday, from 12.30 to 2pm in the Tillers Gallery at the Raglan, starting with an EV workshop. See attached notice. All free with the tea and biscuit thrown in!

The Raglan Board has asked whether anyone might volunteer for sitting at the reception desk while the exhibition runs (even thereafter!) Merilyn Minell would be happy to offer instruction, though it is not difficult. 

The biggest news of the week, of course, was the infuriating decision by the NSW Government to keep open Eraring coal-fired power station for another two years (or maybe four) to “keep the lights on”. It will cost the tax-payer up to $450 million. The NSW government (previous and current)  itself is to blame because it has failed to deliver the new capacity on time. According to Renew Economy, new wind and solar projects have been delayed by extended planning holdups, and the state’s proposed renewable energy zones have also been delayed.

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Climate Change Update 11th May 2024

An exclusive Guardian survey has revealed Greenpeace reported that hundreds of the world’s leading climate scientists expect global temperatures to rise to at least 2.5C above pre-industrial levels this century, blasting past internationally agreed targets and causing catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet. It has prompted the UN to warn the world is on the verge of a ‘climate abyss’.

The Independent reports that hundreds of millions of people across South and Southeast Asia have been facing scorching high temperatures over the past few weeks with many countries recording their hottest April ever.  Temperature records have been broken in dozens of countries, millions of children are at home as schools have been forced to close and heatwaves have been blamed for nearly three dozen deaths across the vast region at the start of this month. 

And this is a shocker: At a private meeting, Donald Trump told oil executives and lobbyists to donate $1 billion to his campaign because, if elected, he would roll back environmental rules.

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Climate Change Update 4th May 2024

This week the Australian Security Leaders Climate Group (ASLCG) issued an important report Too Hot to Handle – The scorching reality of Australia’s climate–security failureIt was highly critical of the federal government for failing to come to grips with climate change as a security issue. We issued a media release in support (attached). 

The weekly wrap from the Climate Media Centre failed to reach me this week but there is plenty of news from elsewhere.

Last Sunday, the Grattan Institute issued a report that says Australia must urgently plan a new energy system for the imminent post-coal era. Keeping the lights on: How Australia should navigate the era of coal closures and prepare for what comes next finds that coal will cease to be a material contributor to the National Electricity Market (the NEM) by about 2032.

On Monday, the Superpower Institute released their Premiere report, using first of a kind expert modelling combined with high resolution satellite observations to show that Australia’s coal mine methane emissions are likely more than DOUBLE what is officially reported. You can read the report here. Read an article about it here.

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